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A Plastikon CEE Kft. was established
by István Mátrai with to goal of introducing the most advanced technology available in plastics industry to reduce the waste cycle of PET bottles and other recyclable plastics.

The technology

The technology is capable of transforming PET waste into the highest quality PET film that is even usable in the food industry. The extruder is producing film with three layers and is equipped with a laminating machine to broaden our product portfolio.

Our products

Our company has a wide product portfolio that satisfies clients from car industry, construction industry to food industry as well. The manufacturing facility is capable of producing the following products:
1 layer R-PET film | 1 layer A-PET film | 3 layer films (A/R/A, G/A/G, G/R/G) | laminated film ex.: PET/PE | PET film reinforced with glass powder | PP film | ESD conductive PET films
The films come in wide variaty of colours.




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