100% recycled

rPET film

For horticulture applications
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High quality recycled horticulture films

  • High quality

    Our transparent and color tinted films show high quaility to your customer. Final products are more stable and hold stronger. Our films are easy to form and generally create less scrap than PS. 

  • Competitive pricing for early adopters 2020

    Plastikon now targets companies trying to switch from PS with competitive pricing to create the smallest possible inconvenience in switching. Prices vary between 0.8€-1.3€/kg depending on color.

  • NIR detectable

    All Plastikon films are NIR detectable (near infrared spectrum) and thus recyclable through kerbside collection

  • 100% recycled

    Our products are made of recycled PET bottles and recycled trays. Plastikon buys back used trays and recycles it into new valuable products

Why Choose Us?

Fast delivery within Europe
Environment friendly company
High flexibility and customer focus
Fast custom product development

Making the switch From PS?

Directives against PS

Companies in horticulture industry are forced to make a switch away from PS due to regulations. England made the first step to ban PS and favour PET instead which in turn is influencing every actor on the market. We believe that PET will be the answer and our products can help you make the switch easier.

100% r-PET products

Our films are made entirely from recycled PET bottles. Most of green horticultural trays on the european market are made from Plastikon r-PET films. Our films are perfect for thermoforming. PET is a highly durable material and offers a premium quality for your customers.


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