• Protects the products inside

  • Provides excellent visual image for your product

  • Easy de-nesting 

  • Easily recycled in most countries

  • Produced under ISO9001 and HACCP standards

  • Custom color options

  • Environment friendly - recycled packaging

  • rPET sign can prove your commitment for recycling to your customers and serve as an added value


Width: 350 mm - 1250 mm 

Thickness: 0,2 mm - 1 mm

Roll size: max 800kg / 1m diameterCore diameter: 152 mm

Technical specification:

Density: 1.35 g/cm³ ± 0.05 g/cm³

Temperature stability:  -20°C to +60°C

Melting point: 256°C

Thermoforming films for consumer packaging

Application : blisters, trays, containers, clamshells

We provide thermoforming films with PCR content from 0-100% based on your requirements. 

Plastikon GreenForm 100% rPET

rPET film is the most sustainable option with 0% virgin material content using only recycled PET bottles. 

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