The rebirth of plastic bottles

100% recycled rPET films

We stand for Recycling

Producing PET film from recycled bottles for the packaging industry

Plastikon stands for recycling. We believe that waste must be solved collectively. Waste must be recycled, consumption should be reduced and materials with the best attributes has to be selected for circular economy applications. We believe in design with circularity in mind. Waste is a big problem of this century, at Plastikon we have committed to closing the gap on PET by producing recycled rPET films.

We change how people think about waste - This is what we do.

Our industrial films serve an important role as logistic trays within and between factories as well as blister packaging. Protect - Deliver - Appeal 

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Producing films gives us high versatility and agility when it comes to thermoforming. Our product development team has the flexibility to test and develop new materials for our clients and bring them to market with speed.  

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Circular economy 2020

Recycling PET bottles

100% recycled films can and will serve as alternatives to films with high virgin material content. In 2020 the industry will move towards increased rPET content in every product possible. EU regulations and packaging trends point in the same direction as more and more people realize the importance of recycling. 

Food certified films & theromformed punnets 

100% recycled products are starting to show up on store shelves.We believe that rPET is the new trend in food packaging. We can produce 0-100% recycled films for food applications. Lamination gives the option for further layers including PE, EVA, EVOH, PP and other combinations. 

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Strategic Lead

Responsible for strategic partnerships and business development.

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Owner and CEO of Plastikon with 40 years of business experience.


Procurement manager

Responsible for strategic procurement.

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